• Do you sell your products into other states?

    CW is licensed to do business in most states to sell our products.

  • Are your fuel blends regulated by the EPA?


    In fact we have several EPA licenses to blend and export specialty fuel blends and licensed by the EPA as a refiner to create and certify its own gasoline.

  • Why have your sales declined in 2017 cs 2016?

    • The lower sales can be explained by the fact that we lost at least 1 month of sales because of Hurricane Harvey and the slowness in economic recovery after the Hurricane.

    • Higher Costs of Fuel Inventory were a prime factor in lower sales due to lack of working capital. The cost of a Truckload of fuel in 2016 was $7,500. In 2017 it was $12,000. In 2018 it is now $15,000. As you can see, without greater working capital it is difficult to increase sales under these increased costs.

  • What are your priorities for the use of Working Capital?

    At this time our main priority is for the funding of additional Fuel inventory.
    Because of the current cost of product we need to expand our sales to existing and potential customers but cannot do so without additional funding. Our customers would purchase more product from us, particularly larger volumes of pipeline shipments.

  • How many gallons are in a typical Pipeline Shipment?

    Depending on the product, for fuels such as gasoline and diesel, it can vary from 400,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons. Some shipments of Crude Oil can be as large as 50,000 barrels = 2,100,000 gallons.

  • Are you considering the purchase of any convenience stores at this time?

    We are always open to an acquisition if financing were available.

    Our profitability would increase dramatically once we had several convenience stores as we would be able to sell our fuels at a higher retail price than the lower wholesale prices we currently sell at.

    At this time we are focusing our efforts on building larger bulk sales of Biodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline and Specialty Blends of Biodiesel/Diesel and Gasoline/Isobutanol.

  • You mention that you want to go public on the OTCQB. When do you think this might happen?

    Our current goal is around the end of 2018 if all goes well.