About CW Petroleum Corp

CW Petroleum Corp, a Texas corporation, was founded by Christopher Williams and began operations in 2011. CW Petroleum Corp, a Wyoming corporation, was incorporated in April 2018 and has acquired the Texas corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  CW Petroleum Corp supplies and distributes Biodiesel, Biodiesel Blends, Renewable Gasoline, and a 92 Octane Reformulated No Ethanol Gasoline to distributors, convenience stores, marinas, and end-users.

The EPA licenses the Company to create its proprietary gasoline blends.

CW Petroleum Corp is licensed to distribute Diesel Fuel & Gasoline by the States of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Arizona

Corporate History


Started Operations in Selling Biodiesel


Added Diesel and Diesel Blends


Began Exporting Diesel Blends


Added Isobutanol Gasoline Blending


Began Pipeline Trading


Plans to Go Public on OTC (OTCQB)


Trading Symbol Acquired: CWPE

Our Staff

Christopher Williams


With 19+ years of experience in the energy industry, Mr. Williams brings a vast wealth of knowledge in the physical and financial trading of refined products and renewable fuels. His extensive background with price reporting, acquired during his tenure at Platts/McGraw-Hill, has led him to be pioneer in blending profitability through CWP's fuel trading and distribution services.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston, Minor Marketing