To Purchase Shares: Please download and fill out the "CWP Subscription Agreement" PDF Form and payment via “PAY ECHECK” button. Completed "CWP Subscription Agreements" must be filled out with SS# or FEIN#, printed, signed, scanned and emailed along with a PHOTO ID (Drivers License) to or mail "Hard Copy" and "Paper Checks" to the address on form. Once the Subscription Agreement and Payment is processed, you will receive an email confirm from Transfer Online/CW Petroleum Corp when your shares have been processed.

TYPE of SECURITY                    COMMON EQUITY (These shares are being offered under a Qualified SEC Reg 1-A)

PRICE PER SHARE                     $1.50

MINIMUM INVESTMENT           $150.00 (100 Shares)

The Company is currently in the process of filing to be listed on the OTCQB


CW is Raising Money to Increase its Position in the following markets:

Trading (the buying and selling of Biodiesel, Diesel Fuel and Gasoline) Funds will be used to increase Inventories and Sales (Top Priority)

Specialty Blending of Fuels
Funds will be used in land acquisition and Blending Plant operations (Top Priority)

Convenience Store Acquisitions
After Inventory and Blending needs have been met then C-Store Acquisitions are appropriate

How we intend to make money

Currently, CW generates revenue by selling and distributing Biodiesel, Diesel, Gasoline and Specialty Fuel Blends to customers in Texas and other states. It uses a variety of transportation methods such as trucks, rail cars and pipelines. It has its own trucking operation and is certified to ship products on several pipelines.

Because we have our own transportation and can buy directly from the major refiners, the economics justify our expansion into to ownership of Convenience Stores where our profit margins will be enhanced by our lower cost of fuel and our ability to sell our highly profitable specialty fuel blends.